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I’m wishing…

So, Christmas is round the corner and we all have things we wish for. I know we aren’t children anymore and we can’t circle every single toy in the Argos magazine, OH how i wish we could! So anyway, I thought I would put together my naughty wishlist of all things kinky, lacy, silky and silicone (and things I can’t afford. But a girl can wish right?!)


My one true, true love in lingerie. I wish it was acceptable to walk around in it 24/7 and never have to wear clothes. But I suppose we have to keep something to the imagination don’t we. So here goes..

  1. Agent Provocateur –Saffi set.

It’s beautiful, it’s classy. Its everything i need in an underwear set. I am always always a sucker for all lace and I imagine I always will be. I always think during Christmas it’s nice to take a step back from the classic black and red undie set you see in every store window. Saffi.. I love you and I WILL own you one day.

2. Ann Summers – Posey.

Look at the colour of this amazing body! Just look at it. It’s so different to what’s out there at this time of year! I always love getting a beautiful lingerie outfit which I can wear under my clothes to keep as a tease while I’m out with my boyfriend. (Yes I am that girlfriend) So this is perfect for it. It would also look so sassy under a low cut shirt with a hint of that electric blue peeping through… *Heart eyes emoji*

3. Journelle – Bianca.OH EM GEE. I am head over heels for this set. The colour is warm and beautiful for this time of year and always nice against a tan for summer too. I wear a none padded underwired bra most of the time and I always love a strappy look on the bust. I also love the delicate lace mixed in with the strappy details on the bra and suspender belts, It creates the perfect naughty but nice combo.

Journelle Bianca Underwire Bra


  1. Saints and sinners – Classy slave collar.

Well, I sure do enjoy something round my neck when I’m getting down an dirty. I own a leash and I have a couple of the leather collars you can attach your own leads to. But none as classy and sassy as this. It’s not just me that thinks I could wear this out of the bedroom is it?

Classy Slave Collar


2. Pretty polly – Seamed holdups.

Hold ups are a staple piece we all need to own. And a good quality is important too! So I’m hoping to hunt down a store local to me that stocks Pretty Polly so I can get my grubby mits on these seamed hold ups… And imagine myself wearing them with the AP Saffi set…

3. Agent Provocateur – Suitcase.

It’s so unrealistic that i’ll ever own this but I really am dreaming about it. I have my lingerie and toys stored in all sorts of different places and I think in an ideal world where I own everything I lust over, this is the perfect storage I would like to use. But for now I will carry on using multiple clutch bags and trunks… God damn not being born into a super rich family. 

Sex Toys.

  1. Love honey – Lelo Smart wand.

Lelo is am amazing brand, it’s got amazing toys and is a great great quality. I don’t yet own a bodywand/magic wand and I hear and read about them every day of my life, and it’s making me feel like theres something missing from my life.. So, it’s obviously this. I always try and go for a rechargeable toy over battery so this is the winner for me. With it also being fully waterproof and you get 4 hours play.. I can’t imagine there’s not much to love.

2. We Vibe – we vibe sync.

Okay, I own two we vibe toys and they are my favourite, and I’m still yet to write about them and compare the two I have together. I own the 3 and the 4 plus so it’s obvious I NEED the sync. I will make sure my next blog post is about the we vibes because I have SO much to say about them and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! So santa.. Please put this under my tree.. I’ll even give you the remote!

Purple Sync grouping with iphone

3. Ann Summers – Morgasm contour rabbit.

The morgasm contour rampant rabbit. It’s probably the softest thing I have ever felt in my life. (And I have petted ALOT of dogs.) I urge you.. If you have a local Ann Summers store to go in and see the demo of this toy. Just feel the material.. I have and I promise you, it’ll be on your wish list too. Again, this toy is rechargeable and waterproof.. Winner!


So, I think I have included most of my most wanted and needed prodcuts. I hope you all have a wish list as fun as mine! If you think I have missed anything major off please remind me as it’s more than likely that I’ll be treating  myself to most of this.

Also, If anyone wants to treat a lovely girl like me, I’ve put links to all the products you see on this list 😉

Lot’s of love n fun, FL X


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