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Deeper than penetration.

My dreams and aspirations. 

I’m writing this because I’ve not long turned 22 and I have big dreams like we all do. So I’m writing this to remind myself where I want to be and hopefully read back on it in maybe a year from this day. 

I love lingerie, sex, toys, boys, girls, fetishes, hosiery and anything to do with relationships and what can enhance them. 

Four years ago I wrote a post on tumblr. (We have all had it and still do let’s not lie) I wrote about how I would love to own my own store or be a manager of a store. Three years ago I got a sales assistant job at a sex store and have gone up to a team leader and it’s only motivating me more.

My mind explodes with lingerie ideas but curse me! I never paid attention in textiles back in 2009/2010. REGRETS. So now late at night, not able to sleep, too tired to masturbate I doodle my ideas and notes down. I can’t draw for shit but they’re there, I promise. 

I get inspiration from so many places and I love keeping notes about what I want but will I ever actually put pen to paper and pattern to fabric to create all of these ideas? Who knows. 

I hope you all have dreams and aspirations and that you’re on the road to make them come true. I hope I am too. 

A deeper post than normal.. But it’s the thoughts that count am I right! 

Be kind, FL X 


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