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Moregasm Move. 

I got a new toy. I had to give myself a while to try and get use to it which is why I haven’t updated anything. I’ve been concentrating hard on having an orgasm from a toy I got from the Moregasm collection. 

I love clit stimulation and it loves me. We belong together we just work. But this time it just wasn’t the same..

Moregasm move clit stim. 


It’s a beautiful soft silicone material (a material I have always loved) and it just felt beautiful as soon as I had it in my hand. It looks a lot and I mean A LOT like a skin exfoliator. And I’d rather it be that. 

The toy vibrates and then the head rotates so you can get “extra” stimulation from the movement. The one thing I found, compared to my Moregasm cock ring is that the vibrations weren’t twice as powerful which was a big let down for me. So as that wasn’t a perk I got down to the dirty and thought the rotation would do the job. (I will say now. The rotation is LOUD so don’t go wild if your room mate is listening in the room next to you!)  So I upped the settings added a bit of pressure and boom. IT STOPPED ROTATING. This was my major issue and why I was so disappointed. I want that stimulation and I want it hard. And it just wouldn’t let me. So off I went ended that toy and finished myself with a trusty rabbit. (We all have one don’t lie!)

It comes with two heads which you can swap around. One with silicone bristles and one with a slight indent. I’ve spoken all bad about this but, that little indented head is my favourite bit about it. I meant I could use it on my nipples which, bingo. Was ace! I used a water based lube and the vibrations just worked.. I didn’t like the rotation on my nipples but the vibrations heck yeah! (I nearly got a nipple twist.) I haven’t used this on my partner yet as the noise really puts me off personally but I imagine that head would do wonders on the tip of the penis! 

As you can see here the toy is a huge size at all! Which I find handy as its hide able and doesn’t get in the way when I’m using more than one toy. 

So, after all my excitement and all my attempts to get that much wanted and much needed orgasm. We just didn’t get along.. I’m sorry  but I will now use you on my skin and hope I have a clear complextion in no time. 

(If anyone can advise me further on nipple play I’m all ears too!) 

All the love and orgasms, FL X


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