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Meeting my best friend. 

Okay so, I have a sensitive soul. And by soul I mean vagina.. So I’ve been back and forth finding the right lube for me. I’ve don’t the whole running to the bathroom to shower my privates because I’m having no luck with what I’m using. And it really really kills the mood! 

Working where I work I obviously get the perks of freebies every now and then when we are training. And this training was for JO lube! So here we go I’m reviewing the two lubes I got. (I also got some licks and lubes that tingle but I thought I’d leave that for a whole other tasty post). 

JO lube was made for pharmaceutical uses so it has to pass a whole load of checks to make sure it’s good for a wide range of people. Everything is natural in these even when it comes to the flavouring (which is safe for diabetics and calorie free!) all of this makes it sure that if you’re sensitive there’s nothing that’s going to make things nasty. 

JO organic lubricant.     
  After obviously bagging the lube and getting the first bus home to set myself up for a good night. I got my chosen toy out and got myself ready. The lube comes out lumpy and a cream colour but once you’ve worked it in your in for a load of fun. It’s safe to use with your toys and condoms and doesn’t do anything fancy and it doesn’t smell at all. Bonus! I found it does last a good amount of time which is obviously what we want. I’ve used it over and over again really enjoy it.. But lumpy lube is never nice to see. Which leads me to the next bad boy I got. 

JO water based lube. 


Okay so. This literally has become my best friend EVER. I love it. There’s nothing better I could have right now. It’s expensive to buy but I promise you. A little goes a long way. I don’t like having to slap some extra lube on half way through a steamy romp. So this really keeps things well. It works amazing I can’t say anything else. Once again toy and condom safe and I really can’t fault it. I would say it’s safe for anal play too but I haven’t yet ventured that far. 

So if your flower is needing some special tending to I would highly recommend. I’m still open to finding new lubes so if you can help please do! 

Have fun and stay lubed up! X


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