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Who, what and where?

I’m taking my first post to introduce myself. I’m female and wishing to stay anonymous so I can keep honest, real and well, let’s face it. I want to keep my dirty little secrets mine. 

I work in a sex store here in the UK and I find myself lusting after something new every day,week and month. So I treat myself and have a fling with so many goodie, I can’t keep my hands off them! 

I love my job so much that I don’t think it’s classed as a job anymore… Being open, honest and nosey is just so perfect for me. I love knowing I’m helping someone have the best experience they can in the bedroom! (Or not the bedroom..) 

So here I am. The Fling Leader. Talking about my personal experiences, purchases and tips and tricks! 

Enjoy, FL x 


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