Turn your what into a what?!

Yeah, turn your penis into a vibrator, with the Moregasm cock ring! I got super lucky at work and got to be a sex toy tester for the Moregasm range! So here we go…

 Ive used cock rings before, I think many of us have. I have a partner (who is long distance may I add.) I sent a text off to him right away when I got my parcel “we’ve got homework!” I was really excited to use this as its a lot different from a bullet attached to a silicone ring which is what most of us see or at least think of when we hear the words cock ring. And here’s my thoughts! 

The Moregasm cock ring. 

Okay firstly, I love rechargeable toys because I want that power behind whatever I’m having! (A rechargeable toy automatically has 30% more power than anything battery powered!) So seeing that white little USB lead made my experience better. This toy takes around one hour (one bottle of wine) to charge and has a dull light on when it’s done so you know which is always great! The lag time from one hour I would say is a good 90 session (yahoooo!) 

Me and my partner love the way this toy is shaped. It has a slight curve on the toy so it cups round the testicals just right! It gave my fella a great sensation which he never had from other rings! (Vibrations and some tingle lube we can’t go THAT wrong!) 

Another reason I’m loving the shape. CLIT STIM. Can I say anymore? I’m clit lover so it was great in the doggy position hitting us both in the right spot! (Cheesy I know!)

I’m really impressed I can’t lie. I am going to love any cock ring that turns my fella into a vibrator and gives me some amazing clit stim at the same time! It has SEVEN settings on it, three speeds four pulses, best of both worlds when you and your partner can find what you’re both enjoying! 

The Moregasm range has a different motor to many other things! There low frequency waves which means it rumbles through the body and makes the vibrations reach our chests! (I’m secretly in love.) that means it hits DOUBLE the nerve endings anything else does… I want more moregasms…

Gimme more, more.. More! 


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